Parts for your trimmer may be ordered by calling the factory at (978) 948 7504 . Orders may also be faxed to (978) 948 5443. Please be sure to include your UPS shipping address, telephone number, quantity and part name.

Blade Sharpening: The Lion Miter Trimmer is made to last a lifetime, but as with any cutting tool, the blade will dull with use. When the blades are pushing the wood away, it's time to sharpen them. Remove the screws holding the blades, wrap them, and send them to us with a payment of $65.00 Check or money order made out to Martin Ryan and we will re-grind and re-hone them razor-sharp, ready to reinstall. Ship blades to:

Lion Miter Trimmer
311 Central Street
P.O. Box 602
Rowley, MA 01969


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